Saturday, January 18, 2020

I was watching Canadian Bakeoff and there was a Kugelhopf challenge... a festive, yeasted cake with a chocolate-infused spiral. For some reason I said to myself, "I'm making that." So I found a recipe.

(I left out the raisins, since something about "yeasted chocolate cake" doesn't scream "raisins" in my book)

Roll it on up.

Here is the genius of martha stewart or whoever she got this recipe from. Cut and arrange in a (nothing) bundt cake pan so that some of the spirals... face... out... I mean... genius!

Check out that side-spiral action.

Dust with icing sugar and then eat.

My friend Steve wanted to know what the "crumb" was like, i.e. did it meet his high standard of "diaphanous strands"...? Unfortunately not. This is a workin' man's "kuge", Steve. Maybe next time.

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