Montreal-style bagels!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Husband overheard me watching Canadian Bakeoff during the Montreal-style bagels challenge. After several weeks of subsequent nagging, I said, "Ugh fine, I'll make you some." So I found a recipe.

A fun, honey-enriched dough. I guess you could call me a dough boy.

Risen and ready to boil!

The boiling and sesame-seeding process.

Came out a little overdone at 450...

Subsequent (and half whole wheat flour) batch: 375 for 13 minutes and then 400 for 12 minutes. To be exact.

Somewhat better!

Not sure how "Montreal-style" these bagels are, but they sure are delicious! They go great with cream cheese and a beefsteak tomato. Hus-quested/hus-manded several more times since.

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